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Reviewing Technical Papers


Reviewing technical manuscripts is an intellectual process that includes both subjective and objective elements. The reviewer must be objective in the sense of eliminating any personal bias s/he may have toward the author or the subject matter. At the same time, the reviewer must evaluate the paper in terms of his/her own experience in and knowledge of the specialized technical field. This involves more than checking a list of possible impressions, for the reviewer will almost always have some reactions that cannot be anticipated in a formal review form.

The Manuscript Central "Paper Profile" form has been designed to stimulate thought so that the reviewer can evaluate the merits of the paper and fit the evaluation into recommendations conforming with IEEE standards for technical paper publication.

The following few suggestions may be helpful when conducting a review.

  1. Write a summary on what the paper intends to study to show you understand the paper well.
  2. Identify the strength and weakness in the paper. Be more specific in terms of originality, significance, correctness, timeliness and presentation. When it is weak in any of the aspects, be more concrete. For example, instead of just saying "the method is not novel", give specific reference(s) by saying that "this method was already known in...". Try to provide more construcive information to help our colleagues.
  3. When suggesting authors to check or cite your own work or another paper by others, try to find at least one more papers with different authors to avoid leaking your own identity or causing suspicion of other author(s) being a reviewer.
  4. Try not to use inflammatory words in your review comments just as you do not want to receive similar words in a review for your own submitted paper.
  5. When uploading your review as a file, be aware of leaking your own identity. Word file may contain tracking feature while PDF file may contain your authorship. It is always better to create PDF file and remove the authorship (under the property of the file, go to the field "author", delete the author's name and then press Enter on your keyboard.)

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Modified:  April 2013