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Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Should my manuscript follow a certain format when it is submitted for review?

To control the page limit, we have instituated a change for typesetting: all submissions must be prepared according to the IEEE typesetting in final submission: double-columned with font 10 (larger fonts are welcome for obvious reason). Detailes can be found at

Q. How do I submit my revised manuscript to ScholarOne Manuscript Central?

Once the first review has been entered for a manuscript, a copy of the manuscript is sent to your Author Center with the R1 extension (e.g. 2010-00101.R1). Return to your Author Center and first view the comments of the Editor and reviewers. Enter your responses in the appropriate boxes and click the Submit button. Please note that there are two boxes. The comments in the Editor box will only go to the Associate Editor box. If you do not provide comments in the box for the reviewers, they will not be able to see them. Next, in the same area, click on the title of your manuscript. You will be prompted to upload your revised manuscript into Manuscript Central. Follow all the steps and make sure that you select the "View proof" button. Only after looking at the proof will you be presented with a submit button. The manuscript is not submitted unless you press this button. You will get a confirmation email.
Q. Can I submit a manuscript that's been rejected?

Once a manuscript has been rejected, the review process stops for that particular paper. We do not accept any new submission which is a revised manuscript of a paper with an editorial decision "Reject". However, for a paper with an editorial decision of "Reject & Resubmit", in the editorial decision letter, the author(s) is(are) invited to submit a further revised manuscript within 4 months. If you and your colleagues wish to re-submit the paper, it will be considered a new manuscript. Please follow the instructions given in the decision letter to submit the new manuscript. Manuscript Central allows authors to enter notes about their manuscripts that the Editor-In-Chief, Editor and Reviewers can read. This would be a good place to enter a brief background message. A letter to the Editor should be uploaded as a cover letter, which a letter for both Editor and reviewers should be uploaded as a supporting document along with the manuscript.
Q. What format should I use for my manuscript in Manuscript Central?
A. Portable Document Format (PDF) and Postscript (PS) are the only accepted formats.  PDF is the preferred format.
Q. My manuscript is in LaTex or Word format. How can I convert it into PDF?
There is a button in the upper right-hand corner of the Author Center screen that will help you convert your file to PDF.
Q. Where do I find the IEEE Copyright Form and where should I send it?
The copyright form is provided and should be submitted via the journal online submission system (ScholarOne Manuscripts). For an accepted paper, IEEE has moved to an all electronic copyright submission system. Once you have submitted your final files, a link titled “transfer copyright” will appear in the “manuscripts with decisions” queue in your author center.
Q. How can I determine the status of my manuscript?
When you log into Manuscript Central and access your Author Center, you will see a status bar with the title of all manuscripts you've submitted to Manuscript Central. On the right of the bar is the Processing Status and Associate Editor indicator. This shows where your manuscript is in the review process.
Q. Is there a limit on the number of pages that a manuscript can be?
Yes, there is a page limit. A complete manuscript should be no more than 15 journal pages for a regular paper and 5 journal pages for a correspondence (10 pt, single-spaced and double-columned final typesetting).


The Transactions on Vehicular Technology are published by the IEEE and sponsored by VTS

To contact the editorial office, email System Administrator or Editor-in-Chief
or send correspondence to:
Professor Michael Fang, Department of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Florida, 435 New Engineering Building, P.O.Box 116130, Gainesville, FL 32611, USA.

Modified:  April 2013